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Four Ways to Implement a Collegiate Academy Experience with York College

A collegiate academy experience is a new way to do dual credit. Find out how to bring this supported and affordable option to your students.

Dual credit helps students build confidence and save money on their educational goals. But most dual credit programs are general one-size-fits-all. Students enroll in the course or they don’t.

What if you could provide a dual credit program that supported your students so they learned not only the content but the skills to be successful after graduation? What if you could create a dual credit program that provided a clear pathway to college or established a solid foundation for whatever path your students choose? What if you could do this with a regionally accredited college in Nebraska?

With a Collegiate Academy Experience from York College, you can provide up to four options for your students, all with layered support and the flexibility to meet the needs of your school. Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • What is a Collegiate Academy Experience and how does it help your students
  • How to create a clear path to college for your students
  • What are the four ways to incorporate the Collegiate Academy Experience into your dual credit program

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