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How LATAM Global School uses TEL courses to support their students’ goals with flexible, affordable college credit. 


Jacksonville, Florida




LATAM Global School se dedica a preparar a los estudiantes para un mundo que se interconecta más a través de la tecnología y de Internet con cada año que pasa. Como ciudadanos globales del futuro, nuestros estudiantes necesitan experiencias de aprendizaje auténticas que contribuyan a su éxito no solo en lo académico, sino también en otras áreas de sus vidas.

LATAM Global School is dedicated to preparing students for a world that becomes more interconnected through technology and the Internet with each passing year. As global citizens of the future, our students need authentic learning experiences that contribute to their success not only academically, but also in other areas of their lives.

Total number of students:

More than 970, though with flexible enrollment, the number changes daily

Services used:

Dual Credit

Providing Flexible
Options for Global Students

The LATAM Global School is a self-paced, online school preparing students for an interconnected world. The school is located in Jacksonville, Florida, so when Jacksonville University partnered with TEL for affordable and flexible online dual credit courses, LATAM Global School jumped on the opportunity to provide these to their students.

One student, Daniel, was studying with LATAM Global School from Ecuador. The pandemic had upended his education there and he found LATAM as a way to finish his high school education without interruption. In his final year of high school, he was looking at Jacksonville University as an option for college, so it was a perfect opportunity to enroll in dual credit with them.

Starting the summer of 2021, Daniel has successfully completed four courses to date and is about to start his fifth. The asynchronous delivery model of TEL’s courses work well with LATAM Global School’s self-paced model, enabling Daniel to complete the courses on his own schedule.

Daniel’s experience solidified LATAM’s excitement about offering dual credit to their students. They have several new students ready to enroll in January. The school is also looking forward to offering an associate degree through TEL’s partners when that becomes available through Jacksonville University.

Q&A With Evelyn Torres,

LATAM Global School CEO

What were you looking for in a potential partner?

Quality curriculum that is also affordable.

What features do students seem to find most valuable?

The flexibility of the course and that students can work at their own pace.

What made TEL Education a good fit?

Its vision is aligned with ours: providing access to quality education to everyone. The fact that Jacksonville University is a TEL Education partner made the program a great option for our students.

How has the experience been working with TEL?

The staff have been excellent. We were in the middle of launching a new LMS when we started the program, so that took some of our focus away from promoting dual credit. But now we’re excited about enrolling more students for the next term.

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