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Iterating on Quality: The TEL Curriculum Development Process

Many companies struggle with consistently creating high-quality products. From textbooks to apps, quality assurance is easily the most difficult and important aspect of product design and development. As TEL’s Curriculum Development team has scaled their catalog from...

From One to 29: Scaling Our Learning Design [Timeline]

​We launched our first course curriculum in the fall of 2018. This fall, we are set to launch four courses, which will bring our catalog of curriculum topics up to 29, including our science labs. With nearly 50 high school and higher education partners and hundreds of...

Understanding TEL’s Curriculum Design: Defining Learning Effectiveness, Student Engagement, and Demonstrable Learning

Think back to your high school and college years. What were your favorite classes? Probably not the ones where the instructor lectured the entire class period, you took three massive tests, and added a few posts to the course board that might have been read, but...

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