Are You Nervous About Low Enrollments and Reduced State Funding related to COVID-19?

Manage Financial Risk with TEL

Colleges and universities across the U.S. are working to mitigate the financial risks related to COVID-19, including lower enrollments, reduced state funding, a drop in alumni giving, lower endowment earnings, and the loss of revenues from athletic events.

Because TEL course products are designed from the outset for affordability and flexibility, we are uniquely suited to help our partners reduce institutional costs dramatically while maintaining academic integrity.

Affordable Pricing Model

TEL’s Courses+ and Course Pack+ models provide the most impactful and cost-effective options on the market. Institutions pay a low fee for each course enrollment with no upfront or other costs.

Flexible Delivery Options

TEL courses offer institutions the ability to use one affordable product to address multiple planning scenarios.

Expandable Instructional Capacity

TEL’s Courses+ option provides qualified Instructors of Record and a suite of instructional support services. This is the most cost-effective option for institutions looking to manage instructional costs.


Maximized Coverage of Gen Ed Courses by Tenure Track Faculty

TEL’s Coursepacks+ lets your faculty instruct more students in less time in both blended and online courses.

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