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TEL licenses its online general education courses to higher education institutions to support dual-credit and other online programs.


Available  Courses

Introduction to Biology

A study of the structure, relationships, and diversity of life on earth from the cellular level to the function of ecosystems.

Introduction to Biology Lab

A study of lab safety and the laboratory study of life, exploring topics like the metric system using the microscope and the scientific method.

Chemistry I

A study of the composition of matter, the atom, chemical bonding, solutions, measurements, chemical nomenclature, stoichiometry, and thermochemistry

Introduction to Communication

A study of basic communication theory and history, focusing on theory and application of appropriate communication techniques.

Language and Composition

Language and Composition course covering a basic overview of grammar, essay analysis, and writing.

Literature and Composition

A study in the close reading and critical analysis of the literary genres of the epic, poetry, drama, and prose, including novels, short stories, and essays.

American Government

A study of the concepts of the United States government

US History I

A study of U.S. history through 1877, taking students from pre-Columbian events through the Civil War.

US History II

A study of the significant social, political, and economic developments from 1877 to the present.

Latin I

A study of the basics of Latin grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

Chinese I

A study of the basic communication skills in Modern Standard Chinese

Quantitative Analysis I

A study of basic and intermediate number sense, abstract quantitative concepts, algebraic concepts, geometry, and visual modeling, and probability.

College Algebra

A study of problem‐solving strategies that establishes a firm foundation for higher levels of mathematics.

Physical Sciences

A study of foundations of science, including skills, assumptions, and the role of technology in science.

Physical Sciences Lab

A study of fundamental concepts of physics and chemistry in the laboratory.

Principles of Psychology

A study of the basic concepts in psychology that analyze human behavior.

Introduction to Information Technology

A study of the theory and application of information technologies.

College Readiness

A study of the expectations of college as well as learning strategies and skills proven to support a rewarding college experience

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