Introducing the TEL Mastery Standards To Our Learning Design

by | Jun 18, 2019 | News

TEL Library, a non-profit educational organization based in Oklahoma City, has launched TEL Mastery Standards.  TEL Mastery Standards provides a checklist of key 21st-century skills and competencies that will be strategically mapped to every course in its catalog.

TEL Mastery Standards are part of the organization’s efforts to equip students taking its courses with skills needed to succeed in today’s working world. This new standards framework will be implemented across TEL’s curriculum.  Students will be given real-life mastery assignments in each course. Once satisfactorily completed, students will have proof of their competencies along with documentation they can share with future employers.

“At TEL, we’re committed to preparing students for both professional and personal success,” said Rob Reynolds, Executive Director of TEL. “A big part of that commitment is focusing on helping students develop the skills and competencies they need to be ready for 21st-century jobs, technologies, and societal challenges. Through TEL Mastery Standards, we’re not only identifying those skills and competencies, but we’re also aligning them to assignments in every course so students can develop, demonstrate, and share evidence of their mastery.”

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