Making Learning Visible With Badges [Infographic]

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Learning Design

​General education courses are often a blur of readings, papers, and maybe a presentation thrown in for good measure. But ask any student two semesters away from their American Government course what they learned, and you are likely to get a few points on separation of powers and the Electoral College. And yet, the research the student did and the analytical arguments the student made during the course are applicable to more than just American Government.

At TEL, we’re committed to helping students connect the dots between what they do in their courses and what they want to do in their academic and professional careers. This Spring, we’re launching the Student Learning Dashboard to make learning visible. One way we’re doing that is through badges.

TEL Mastery Badges

The Student Learning Dashboard will launch with four Mastery Badges: collaboration, reading, writing, and problem-solving. Students begin earning these badges as soon as they start working through the course.

TEL courses are created around our Mastery Standards, our framework of 21st-century skills and competencies. All our course objectives and assignments are tied to these standards, so we can easily align the Mastery Badges as well. These Mastery Standards and Mastery Badges work across courses, so regardless of which course a student takes, they will be working on these larger skills and competencies.

There are three levels to each Mastery Badge: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Students earn a set number of points for successfully completing a variety of assessment items. The number of points earned per assessment will vary based on the difficulty level of the assessment item.

Infographic: Using Badges To Make Learning Visible

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about why we decided to use badging and some of the additional badging opportunities we have coming for TEL students. You can also download a PDF here.

Making Learning Visible with Badges Infographic

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