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How to Get Students Back in Dual Enrollment

​Dual credit courses are good for students. There are the obvious reasons: dual credit in high school is much cheaper than taking that course in college. Taking a few courses in high school means students get through their degree program faster, which also decreases...

Education Futures Podcast 24: Mark Fabian, Evangel University

"I'm starting to see [the non-traditional students and traditional students], they've been blended together in a significant way through this whole pandemic and I don't know if they will be teased apart in the same way that they were before." As the Executive Director...

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Our conversations with administrators on their challenges and solutions

It’s been complicated, and it’s not getting any simpler.  Last week, TEL hosted its second of six roundtable discussions, inviting higher education administrators to discuss the start of the school year. Designed to be a little bit venting session and a lot of...

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