Gap Year Articles


Your Dual Credit Program Doesn’t Have To End After Graduation

​Society puts a lot of pressure on students to know what they want to do when they graduate high school. Instead of realizing that they can take a few months or a year to explore themselves and their interests, many students feel that they need to run down one path or...

How to Stay Academically on Track During a Gap Year

Regardless of what your student wants to get out of their gap year, the ultimate goal for most students taking a year off after high school is to complete a degree. Having a personalized learning plan during the gap year can keep their study skills sharp, show...

Helping High School Students Plan For A Gap Year

​Senior year tends to be a blur of applications, exams, and events for many students finishing their high school careers. After 13 years of structured learning, many students decide they need some time off before they launch into their next step. And they aren’t...

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