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Education Futures Podcast 23: Macy Johnson and building the Introduction to Christianity course

"A lot of passages have a progression of thought, a train of thought, that you can't just take a car out of the middle and expect it to be of any value. You've got to have the engine and every car in between in order for that thought to make sense." In this interview,...

Instructor Spotlight: Julienne King, Principles of Psychology

For Julienne King, student success is her joy. Students see her passion and her warmth from the first introductory video. But throughout the course, they also see that Julienne is not just there to teach content. She’s there to be a partner in their learning. “I...

Instructor Spotlight: Caleb Lamont, Introduction to Communication

​Search for the top skills that employers are looking for, and you will consistently find good communication at the top of most lists. But good communication isn’t just crafting a clear and concise email. It’s the texts you send, the social media messages you post,...

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