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Education Futures Podcast 18: Helping schools be strategic with Brandon Tatum, CONNECTedu

"We are missing the boat on how we do online education. We are taking the worst aspects of traditional pedagogy and we're just transposing it to online." Brandon Tatum admits that he wasn't a great student in high school. But after a career detour led him to college,...

Education Futures Podcast 17: Bringing Hope to Students with Jamie Maloney of Dream Academy

"One of the worst things I’ve ever seen is a 13-year-old [who is] hopeless. They’ve given up. And 99% of the time it’s because they didn’t get the support. They just get pushed aside or pushed along, and they get frustrated and drop out. At Dream Academy, we want to...

Education Futures 16: A Conversation With Resolute Academy President Coby Cathey

"I was like, 'Somebody better do something. This is wrong. We've got to do something.' And then it got quiet. And I was like, 'Oh, I guess I'm the somebody.'" In this episode of the Education Futures Podcast, TEL Education CEO Rob Reynolds talks with Coby Cathey, the...

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