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It’s Time to Provide Equitable Access to Quality Learning in Our Rural Schools

Everyone knows how easy it is to get caught up in the hoopla of a big announcement or event. We’ve all done it. We get swept up in the global consciousness of a political or sporting moment. We join the mass hysteria related to a movie or concert. We go crazy over a...

Dual-Enrollment as a Solution to Student Success in College

In a recent survey, researchers at North Carolina State University asked community college students about the barriers to being successful in their coursework. At the top of the list? Working and paying for expenses. About 2,100 students said work was the largest...

Five Suggestions for Postsecondary Education in Rural America

A number of articles have appeared about rural colleges in recent days. They deal with the fact that rural colleges aren’t supplying the workers needed in their areas or with the need to persuade more rural high school students to pursue postsecondary learning. The...

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