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[Webinar Recap] Old Testament Course Launch

​Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in the world, and elements of the Christian faith permeate much of popular culture. Learning more about the origins of various religions can help students understand the world around them. This summer, TEL is...

[Webinar] New Course Launch: Research & Composition

The marketplace of ideas has gotten noisy in the last few decades. While blogs, social media, and podcasts have given rise to many voices that wouldn’t otherwise have a platform, it does make it difficult to differentiate fact from opinion. This summer, TEL is...

Agile Curriculum for Tough Times: Adapting Experiential Learning to an Online Environment [Webinar]

Since the dawn of online learning, the biggest critique is that an online environment can't support robust learning experiences for students. TEL Education recently piloted three courses using an experiential learning framework to provide project and portfolio-based...

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