Making Learning

The Student Learning Dashboard

Learning is often siloed. Rarely are students able to see how the skills they learn in their courses build on each other and help them with their long-term goals. The Student Learning Dashboard makes that learning visible by:

• Giving students a real-time view into their learning through badges and skills pages
• Enabling students’ ownership of their learning and learning goals through portfolios
• Preparing students for life learning and life success by helping them recognize their full breadth of skills and competencies

Student Learning Dashboard Features

  1. View course and curriculum progress
  2. View skills and competencies mastered
  3. View badges and certificates earned
  4. Set learning goals and track habits
  5. Reflect on mastery assignments and learning
  6. Build and share a portfolio of demonstrable evidence of learning
  7. Continue to add outside learning to your dashboard after your courses are completed

Develop Competencies and Earn Badges

The Student Learning Dashboard is launching with four Mastery Badges: collaboration, reading, writing, and problem-solving. Students begin earning these badges as soon as they start working through the course.

TEL courses are created around our Mastery Standards, our framework of 21st-century skills and competencies. All our course objectives and assignments are tied to these standards, so we can easily align the Mastery Badges as well. These Mastery Standards and Mastery Badges work across courses, so regardless of which course a student takes, they will be working on these larger skills and competencies.

There are three levels to each Mastery Badge: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Students earn a set number of points for successfully completing a variety of assessment items. The number of points earned per assessment will vary based on the difficulty level of the assessment item.

Student Learning Dashboard Roadmap

We will continue to add functionality such as journaling, reflection prompts, and career readiness tools to the dashboard. Want to learn more? Contact us for a walk-through of our platform.

Start Learning Today.