Supporting highly engineered courses.

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The TEL Platform

TEL uses a proprietary learning platform that is uniquely designed to support our highly engineered courses. Specific advantages associated with our learning platform include the ability to:
  • Align course content and assessments to granular learning outcomes and TEL Mastery Standards.
  • Implement a consistent and intentional learning design across all courses and integrate that into our content-presentation and navigation strategies for users.
  • Support our multiple instructional delivery models while also adapting to the changing needs of our partners and students.

Supporting Student Success

Student success is at the center of our course and platform design. With flexible roles for your team, you can see student progress and provide additional support for students who need it. These roles provide options for the delivery model that works best for you, including hybrid, cohort, and fully remote models.

Site Manager Role

This backend role sees student progress for all of the TEL courses the school is using. This role is good for the program administrator to view overall student activities and grades, but does not see individual course content.

Group Leader Role

Like Site Managers, Group Leaders can see the progress of students across courses, but are assigned to a specific subset of students. This is helpful for counselors who work with a specific grade, or a facilitator who works with Honors students across different courses.

Instructor Role

This role is meant for individuals who want to see what the students are seeing in a specific course. This is great for course facilitators and academic support coaches who might be helping students in the course. Those in the Instructor role can see the progress and grades of the students in that specific course.

LTI Integrations

TEL Supports single sign-on for students using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. This allows your students to connect to their TEL courses through your existing LMS systems.

API Integrations

We support additional integrations through API, including student enrollment and grade tracking. This allows enrollment and student progress data to automatically pass through to your SIS.

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Making Learning Visible

By creating a learning platform that is structured as a content management system, we are able to track metadata across courses and make connections within our entire curriculum. Through metadata, we track each module and assessment by Bloom’s level as well as by specific 21st Century skills and competencies. Because of this, we are making learning visible with badging, skills pages, portfolios, and progress reports on our Student Learning Dashboard.

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