[Webinar Recap] Old Testament Course Launch

by | Aug 18, 2021 | News

​Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in the world, and elements of the Christian faith permeate much of popular culture. Learning more about the origins of various religions can help students understand the world around them.

This summer, TEL is launching a new course to help students learn more about the Christian religion. Old Testament takes a look at the first part of the Bible, and how the Yahweh God is interpreted through the prophets. Students will be asked to look at the human qualities given to the Christian God in the Old Testament as well as how the other characters do or don’t live out those human qualities.

In a recent webinar, Senior Curriculum Specialist Nicole Praino and Old Testament Instructor Macy Johnson discussed what this course adds to the TEL course catalog.

Why Old Testament?

We are working with several higher education institutions to build out an Associate of Arts degree and an Associate of Science degree. As part of that, we wanted to provide additional humanities courses that help students better understand the world around them. Old Testament will join our World Civilizations I and Introduction to Christianity courses as our third humanities course.

The second reason why we built the Old Testament course, as well as the New Testament courses launching later this fall, is because of partner demand. We work with several faith-based higher education and high school institutions that are interested in online introductory religion courses that create a foundation for their more detailed upper-level courses.

Building Transferable Skills

Old Testament will continue our focus on helping students build 21st Century skills and competencies that they can use long after their coursework is completed.

Students will make progress on several learning badges in the Old Testament course, including writing, reading, and systems thinking. Students will be asked to compare and contrast different stories in the Bible and write analytical essays detailing their understanding. A major theme throughout the course will be to apply the Bible’s ideas to a modern context and evaluate if the Old Testament is still relevant today.

Add Old Testament to Your Catalog Today

The Old Testament course is available to our partner schools today. Reach out to your Account Manager to see how you can add this course to your dual-credit or general education catalog.

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