The Importance of Demonstrable Equity in Higher Education

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The Importance of Demonstrable Equity in Higher Education

What if all students could expect to learn the same concepts in the same course, no matter what institution they went to or how much they paid?


At TEL, our work is guided by a vision of demonstrable equity in higher education. All students, regardless of where they are from, their age, or the institution where they are studying, should be able to access high-quality, general education courses with an expectation of learning the same information and skills as other students in comparable courses at any institution. In addition, students should have an opportunity to provide proof of their learning in formats that are widely recognized and accepted by employers and institutions of higher education.

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  • What demonstrable equity means (and what it doesn’t)
  • The six requirements of demonstrable equity
  • The role of faculty in demonstrable equity
  • How to implement demonstrable equity at your institution