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What We Do

TEL Library is a non-profit organization that partners with accredited institutions and training organizations to deliver college-level courses and workforce training at truly affordable prices. We are committed to facilitating equitable access to high-quality, affordable learning in the U.S.

Higher Ed

Our all-inclusive program — curriculum, instruction, technology, and support — allows accredited colleges and universities to deliver affordable dual-credit courses and other online programs in their region, creating strong partnerships with local communities and expanding enrollment funnels.  Learn how we can help you navigate disruptions caused by COVID-19.

High School

TEL’s dual-credit courses and early college high school programs provide an engaging and affordable pathway for high school students to begin their college journey. We support flexible scheduling, both online and blended instructional delivery, and an enrollment minimum of one student.

Course Catalog


TEL provides a broad range of highly engineered, online general education courses. Our affordable pricing includes all course materials, instruction, support, and proctored exams.

The TEL Education Difference

Intentional Design

Our lessons are designed to provide a clear context for each course concept, and then move students through the stages of information elaboration, relevance, agency, and mastery.  This design allows students to absorb the information more readily and apply it in meaningful ways.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

We emphasize peer engagement throughout our courses to help students develop the ability to evaluate their own work and assess the work of their peers. Our rubric-based mastery assignments are powered by Peerceptiv’s research-validated technology.

Focus on Mastery

We help students prepare for professional success by aligning all courses to our TEL Mastery Standards, a framework of key 21st-century skills and competencies. This ensures that students acquire and can demonstrate the skills needed for the modern working world.

Goal Setting

Students achieve mastery of course content through reflection and individual ownership. That’s why we encourage students to set goals for their learning and to apply course concepts to their own individual circumstances.

Our Mission

Expanding Education Horizons

Experiential Learning

TEL’s experiential learning framework integrates real-life scenarios and local projects with traditional general education courses. This allows students to connect with their communities and explore local issues and opportunities.

Mastery Standards

TEL Mastery Standards coupled with mastery assignments allow students to produce demonstrable evidence of their learning as they work through their courses. This evidence can be used to chart life learning and show professional readiness to potential employers.

TEL Learning OER

TEL Learning is a collection of free, openly licensed materials for general education courses. TEL Learning course materials are designed for use by anyone looking to supplement their general education courses with highly engineered learning materials: college and high school instructors, librarians, homeschool parents, and life-earners.

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