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The TEL Difference

Equitable Access

TEL Education is a nonprofit, missional organization that partners with accredited institutions and training organizations to deliver affordable college education to everyone in the U.S.


Our goal requires excellence in course design, instruction and support, technology, and our relationships with the people we serve.


From our turnkey business model to our course platform, our solutions are easy to implement and easy to use—for partners, parents, and students.

For Higher Ed

Our all-inclusive program—curriculum, instruction, technology, and support—allows accredited colleges and universities to deliver affordable and high quality online general education courses. These courses can also be used to enhance current dual-credit initiatives or launch new collegiate academy programs to expand enrollment funnels and create strong partnerships with local communities.

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For High School

TEL’s dual-credit courses and collegiate academy programs provide an engaging and affordable pathway for high school students to begin their college journey. We support flexible scheduling, both online and blended instructional delivery, and an enrollment minimum of one student.

Course Design

TEL provides a broad range of highly engineered, online general education courses. Our team of learning engineers uses proven best practices along with internal research based on TEL user experience and feedback to create innovative courses that promote demonstrable, evidence-based learning.

The Bookmark

The Bookmark is our collection of noteworthy resources.

Highlighting Your Brand With Custom Course Login Pages

Highlighting Your Brand With Custom Course Login Pages

For schools that don’t use LTI integrations to automatically sign in from their LMS, online courses can sometimes feel separate from the rest of a student’s courses. To help with this, and to bring TEL courses more seamlessly into schools' existing ecosystems, TEL...

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Three Ways TEL Courses Help Your Students Graduate On Time

Three Ways TEL Courses Help Your Students Graduate On Time

Back in 2016, the median amount of time it took a student to complete a bachelor’s degree was 52 months. More than 12 percent of students took longer than 120 months. And that was before the pandemic. Even before Zoom fatigue was a thing, students’ college pathways...

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Skills Pages: Charting the Path from Courses to Careers

Skills Pages: Charting the Path from Courses to Careers

​As TEL’s CIO Stacy Zemke shared on a recent podcast, the biggest struggle she had when teaching her university capstone course was getting students to make the connection between what they’d been doing for the past four years and what they planned to do when they...

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