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TEL’s online courses are designed specifically to address a variety of instructional delivery models. So, whether you’re looking at fully self-paced, an instructor-led cohort, or blended course models, we’ve got you covered. And, our LTI integrations make for a seamless experience for your students.

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Our online course catalog is available to higher education institutions as a highly affordable solution for implementing dual-credit and other online programs.

High Quality

Our team of learning engineers uses research-based best practices along with feedback from TEL’s users to create innovative courses that promote demonstrable, evidence-based learning.

Illustration representing quality with a circle sitting atop a pyramid and a dotted line running through the center

Our Course Features

Our highly engineered courses are built on a proprietary platform, designed to align course content and assessments to granular learning outcomes and TEL Mastery Standards. Learn more about our platform.


Our truly affordable pricing gives institutions access to a proven, quality curriculum with no developmental costs. Our courses are designed for deployment into a variety of learning scenarios and can serve a broad spectrum of student-types.


Our courses include all learning materials, course instruction, technology, exam proctoring, and support via email, chat, and phone. We also provide onboarding support for school administrators and teachers.


We support a wide range of instructional models—self-paced, blended, and personalized learning—and we provide implementation guides to facilitate program deployment.

High Quality

Our content is rigorous yet understandable and relevant across a broad spectrum of learners. It is designed to help students develop literacies and competencies they need to flourish in college and beyond.


TEL accommodates both online and offline work and study. Our videos feature downloadable transcripts and our online lessons are also available as accessible PDFs. We also work with schools to accommodate students with disabilities for exams and assignments.

Course Design

The three parts of the TEL Mastery Standards: thinking, essential, and professional

Meaningful Learning for a Modern Workforce 

Advancements in technology are leading to significant shifts in the modern workforce. So how does a student prepare for professional success with so much future uncertainty?

At TEL we’re making it easy by integrating a framework of key 21st-century skills and competencies — TEL Mastery Standards — into every course.

We align this framework to our learning outcomes and mastery assignments, ensuring that students can demonstrate the skills needed for the modern working world.

TEL Mastery Standards coupled with mastery assignments allow students to produce demonstrable evidence of their learning as they work through their courses. This evidence, collected in the form of portfolio artifacts, is owned and managed by the student and can be used to chart life learning and show professional readiness to potential employers.

Our Course Services

A turnkey, flexible way to deliver online general education courses under your oversight and brand. Customizable to support your objectives, course emphasis, and branding.

Highly engineered course material

Access to the TEL Learning System with live exam proctoring, course administration, and LTI integrations with your LMS

Technical support through phone, email and chat

Instruction provided by a university approved instructor.

Student coach support and early intervention options are available.


“We feel that ENGL 1303 [Language and Composition] was so well-written that we will count it for both Comp 1 and Comp 2 at OKWU.”

Dalene Fisher, Ph.D., Assistant Provost, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma Wesleyan University

“TEL has enabled many of our students to experience concurrent college enrollment when before they never had a hope of being able to afford college or travel to college. Many of our concurrent TEL students are first generation college students and graduating high school with college hours encourages them to continue on to reach their dreams.”

Sandra Powell, Graduation Coach, Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy

“I am just so impressed with the TEL team. They are so organized and on the ball, always helpful, and really great to work with. We’ve worked with other vendors this semester and TEL is at the top of our list!”

Allison Miller, Secondary Principal at Oklahoma Virtual Charter School  

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