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Our online course catalog is available to higher education institutions as a highly affordable solution for implementing dual-credit and other online programs.

Let Us Extend Your Online Reach

Work with TEL and gain access to our engaging and affordable online course catalog. These media-packed, general education courses can be licensed with a variety of support and management options, and are designed to support online, blended, and classroom environments.


Curriculum Care

A turnkey option ideal for dual-credit programs
and extending your current online
course offerings with minimal investment


  • Course Materials
  • White-Label Learning Platform
  • LTI Integration with Institutional LMS
  • Qualified Instructor of Record
  • Course Support via email, phone, chat


  • Integrated Peer Grading
  • Live Exam Proctoring
  • Instructor Meet-ups
  • Course Administration
  • Rubric-based assignments aligned to learning outcomes and mastery standards

Course Pack

Support your instructors with our
curriculum for consistently polished,
large-enrollment courses for any learning environment


  • Course Materials
  • TEL Learning Platform
  • LTI Integration with Institutional LMS
  • Faculty consultations and on-boarding
  • Basic course platform support for students

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With a complete library of GenEd courses, institutions that work with TEL can plug-and-play a proven, quality curriculum with no developmental costs into a variety of learning scenarios that can serve a broad spectrum of student types.


We create and distribute learning content customized to meet student needs using video, text, assignments, assessments, and more to create an engaging user experience fully incorporated into a single online or blended experience.

Flexible Access

TEL accommodates both online and offline work and study. Our videos feature downloadable transcripts and our online lessons are also available as accessible PDFs. We also work with schools to accommodate special needs for exams and assignments.

High Quality

Our content is rigorous yet understandable and relevant across a broad spectrum of learners. It is designed to help students develop literacies and competencies they need to flourish in college and beyond.

Flexible Instruction

We support a wide range of instructional models — self-paced, blended, and personalized learning — and we provide implementation guides to facilitate program deployment.

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