TEL Education for High School


Our online curriculum is available to high schools as a highly affordable solution for implementing early college high school, concurrent, and dual-enrollment courses.

Your Connection for Dual-Credit and Concurrent Enrollment

TEL’s curriculum is available to high schools via partnerships with accredited colleges and universities. Our highly engineered courses provide college credit and also cover core high school requirements. Our curriculum is part of an all-inclusive program that includes course materials, instruction, and a variety of support and management options.

Available Curriculum

TEL’s catalog consists of online courses that cover the core general education curriculum. Our focus on learning design, learner agency, and content mastery mapped to learning outcomes results in high-quality content tailored to meet the needs of a variety of learners.

Course Features


TEL works with our higher ed partners to provide highly affordable college credit to high schools. Our truly affordable pricing includes all learning materials, course instruction, technology, exam proctoring, and support via email, chat, and phone. We also provide onboarding support for school administrators and teachers.


TEL’s program is designed to support the unique needs of our high school partners. This includes support for a full spectrum of schedules and term lengths as well as a wide range of instructional models, including self-paced, blended, and personalized learning. The minimum enrollment required for participation is one student.

Equitable Access

TEL accommodates both online and offline study to address differing levels of bandwidth availability in our partner schools. Our videos feature downloadable, transcripts and our online lessons are also available as accessible PDFs. We also work with schools to accommodate special needs for exams and assignments.

Engaged Learning

TEL’s curriculum is designed to promote an applied understanding of course concepts. As part of this design, we focus on student engagement through critical thinking assignments and peer-engagement activities. Our online courses feature instructor meetups and special topic tutorials, and our instructional staff provides prompt feedback on all assignments and is readily available via email, chat, and phone.

Conduit to College Credit

TEL’s curriculum and services are made available to high schools via partnerships with regionally accredited colleges and universities. Students enroll in online courses offered by a partner college or university.  Credits from these courses count towards a degree at the partner college, or can generally be transferred to another regionally accredited college or university.

1. Course and College Selection

The school selects courses from TEL’s curriculum to make available to its students and designates the partner college or university from which students will take their courses.

2. Enrollment

Based on qualifications and interest, the school enrolls students in one or more courses for a term. Schools and students are allowed a period in which students may be added to or dropped from courses without being charged.

3. Enrollment

Schools are invoiced for the students who are enrolled in courses after the allotted add-drop period.

4. Completion & Transcription

When you complete your course, you will receive instructions from your institution about requesting an official transcript for your credit.

*The details of the steps in this process may vary somewhat between our different college and university partners.

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