Affordable and flexible courses that fit your educational journey.

In partnership with our college and university partners, TEL Learning provides affordable and flexible college credit for high school students, homeschool families, and independent learners.


Rigorous courses from accredited universities designed to build mastery


$75.00 per credit hour or $225 per 3-credit hour course.


On-demand courses with flexible semesters.

How it Works

Step 1: Review the course catalog


Learn more about the objectives for each course and review what will be expected from each student. These are college courses and require college work. The courses are self-paced, and students who enroll in a course have up to a full calendar year to complete it. All courses are asynchronous, with no specific meeting times.

Step 2: Choose a college or university partner


Review the different regionally accredited university partners on the Universities page. Check out the course offerings. Choose the university that fits with your academic goals, whether that’s a school you would want to enroll in full-time or one that aligns with your outlook.

Step 3: Purchase and Register


After selecting the course and the university, add the course to your cart. The courses are $75 per credit hour, $225 for a three-hour course, and $300 for a four-hour course. The course price is all-inclusive.

Step 4: Complete the Course


Each course contains 60 to 70 lessons and combines written material, videos, and quizzes to help students understand the material. The mastery assignments for each course are designed to help students do more than repeat the material. They help students analyze, break it down, and apply it to other situations. Learn more about our Course Design.

Step 5: Request a Transcript


When you are ready to order your official transcript, you must contact your chosen university for more information. Navigate to your university and follow the instructions provided. Want more information on how Transfer Credit works? Check out our Transfer Toolkit for definitions, tips, and questions to ask your admissions counselor.

For additional questions about our courses and how they work, please fill out the form below, and someone will contact you.

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