Free, openly licensed courses that are perfect for lifelong learning.

TEL Education courses cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring accessibility for all. Our dedication lies in offering inclusive access to college-level education for everyone.

Want to incorporate these free materials into your course?

Our free courses are intended to help teachers and librarians provide options for their learning material. You can use the whole course or pull out the lessons that you need. These are great for:

  • Core material in a course you build from scratch using OERs
  • Supplemental material to cover a concept or idea not addressed in your core material
  • Additional resources for students who want to dig deeper into a concept
  • Suggested sources for students writing research papers

Simply copy the URL for the module you want to use and paste it into your syllabus or LMS so students can access it. You can also copy the URL for the entire course if you want to use all of the material. Everything in the free library is licensed CC BY-NC-SA.

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In partnership with our regionally accredited universities, TEL  provides access to college courses for high school students, homeschool families, and independent learners. Choose the courses that best fit your goals.

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