About Oklahoma Christian University

We are a passionate group of Christ-followers made up of educators, learners, seekers, and creators. We are driven by missions – not just majors, and believe everyone has an important significance to this world. You are wanted here – and great things are expected of you.

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Please be advised that students residing in California are prohibited from registering for classes through Oklahoma Christian University. This restriction is in accordance with regulations stipulated by NC-SARA.

Oklahoma Christian University Course Equivalencies

Each credit-granting university has their own grading scale. Some consider everything above a 90% to be an A, while some universities consider 90-92% to be an A-, for example. Please reach out to your credit-granting university to find out what grading scale they use.

TEL Course Oklahoma Christian University Equivalency Credit Hours
BIO 1304 Principles of Biology I and Lab BIOL 1013 Principles of Biology I 3
BUS 1203 Introduction to Business, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship BUSA 1013 Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship 3
CHEM 2104 General Chemistry I and Lab CHEM 1104 Introduction to Chemistry 4
HUM 2103 Introduction to the Old Testament BIBL 2303 Story of the Old Testament 3
COL 1101 College & Career Readiness COMM 1102 Communication and Success in College I 2
COM 1103 Principles of Speech and Communication COMM – 1213 Oral Communication 3
ECON 2103 Principles of Microeconomics ECON 2213 Microeconomic Principles 3
ENG 1303 English Composition I ENGL 1113 English Composition I 3
ENG 1403 English Composition II ENGL 1213 English Composition II 3
HIST 2103 United States History I: US History to 1877 HIST – 2213 History of the US to 1877 3
HIST 2203 United States History II: US History since 1877 HIST – 2223 History of the US since 1877 3
HUM 1103 Introduction to Christianity BIBL 1003 – Introduction to Christianity 3
HUM 1203 World Civilizations I: World Civ. to 1500 HIST – 2823 World Civilization I 3
HUM 1403 Introduction to Literature ENGL 2213 Perspectives in Literature 3
HUM 2203 Survey of The New Testament BIBL 2313 Story of the New Testament 3
ICT 1303 Introduction to Information Technology CMSC – 1003 Introduction to Information Technology 3
LATN 2105 Latin I LATN – 1113 Latin I 3
MATH 1103 Contemporary Math and Quantitative Reasoning MATH 1173 – Quantitative Reasoning 3
MATH 1203 College Algebra MATH 1213 – College Algebra 3
MUS 1103 Music Appreciation MUSC 2013 Music Appreciation 3
PHY 1104 General Physical Science and Lab GNSC 2133 General Physical Science 3
PSC 1103 American National Government POLS 2113 Introduction to American Government 3
PSY 1203 Introduction to General Psychology PSYC – 1113 General Psychology I 3



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