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Helping High School Students Plan For A Gap Year

​Senior year tends to be a blur of applications, exams, and events for many students finishing their high school careers. After 13 years of structured learning, many students decide they need some time off before they launch into their next step. And they aren’t...

What Is Dual Credit?

​As juniors and seniors plan the last few years of their high school career, they are probably thinking about prom, graduation, and applying for college. As counselors, you know many of them are also questioning how they can afford college and wondering what they can...

From the Desk: An Organization with a Mission

As the year draws to a close, it’s only natural to take a moment and get our bearings, to figure out exactly where we are related to where we want to go.

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Notes from a Memorable RTM Congress

As we spoke with provosts and other academic leaders from universities across the U.S. at the most recent RTM Congress on Higher Education in Washington D.C., four noteworthy trends emerged.

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