New Courses: Research & Composition and Old Testament

by | Jul 29, 2021

You have more options for earning college credit. TEL is launching two new courses this month as we work to build out our associate degree catalog.

Research & Composition

TEL is expanding our English catalog with a more traditional Composition II course. A great complement to Language & Composition, Research & Composition continues to develop students’ writing skills while also working on critical thinking around sources. Students are asked to analyze texts and evaluate sources as they formulate their argument, and understand what biases might be present in those sources.

The mastery assignments for this course include drafts and final versions of four essays. Some of these essays will be persuasive arguments based on a personal opinion, supported by evidence. Some of the essays will be research-based analyses of a text or topic. Students will also take a proctored midterm and final exam, along with a number of in-platform quizzes. Discussion board posts throughout the course encourage collaboration and idea exchange.

Here are the course objectives for Research & Composition:

  • Analyze and interpret the function of essays of different genres.
  • Analyze a variety of scholarly and popular texts to show how content, organization, style, and tone are related to the author’s purpose, audience, and subject matter.
  • Use logical, emotional, and ethical appeals to construct formal, academic arguments.
  • Evaluate and select authoritative sources for college-level research.
  • Identify appropriate evidence from primary and secondary sources.
  • Distill, synthesize, and document evidence from primary and secondary sources.
  • Understand and apply the general conventions of MLA documentation.

Old Testament

Last year, we launched our first religion course, Introduction to Christianity, as we expanded our humanities offerings. With the associate degree pathway, we needed to provide students more options for the foundational curriculum about the world that humanities add to a degree program. Over the next few terms, we will continue to grow our humanities curriculum, especially around religion.

This term, we are launching our Old Testament course, a study of how Yahweh God is displayed throughout the history of Israel. Students will compare and contrast that depiction with human character qualities. In order to ascertain the character qualities which most define God, students will observe his actions toward the Jewish people throughout their history, such as the earliest ancestors of the Israelites, the enslaved Hebrews in Egypt, the judges who led the Israelites, the kings who ruled Israel and Judah, and the Jews who heard the preaching of the pre- and post-exilic prophets.

Students will also examine the character qualities of many humans on display, some of whom reflect God’s good character qualities as they are called to do, but many who demonstrate less honorable character qualities.

The mastery assignments for Old Testament include essays comparing and contrasting characters from different stories told in the Old Testament as well as applying the ideas and themes to current-day situations. In addition to the three mastery assignment essays, students will take a proctored midterm and final. Students will engage with each other through discussion boards, and also participate in a number of quizzes to make sure they understand individual concepts.

Here are the course objectives for Old Testament:

  • Examine the Old Testament’s cultural, literary, and theological context, especially its relationship to the New Testament and to Jesus.
  • Compare and contrast Old Testament culture with one’s own culture.
  • Discover the sequence of events in the story of the Old Testament, and discover the teachings that God’s people in Israel emphasized.
  • Interpret the events and teachings of the Old Testament in light of God’s overarching plan for humanity.
  • Show how the Old Testament is still applicable to and relevant for one’s life today.

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