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Introducing TEL’s Student Coaches: An additional layer of support for TEL students

College-level work requires good time-management and organizational skills. If you’ve worked with students in high school and early college, you’re likely aware that many of them haven’t yet mastered these skills. Best Possible Path to Academic Success After...

Equity in Education and Why It Matters

TEL Education is an organization with a mission to provide equitable access to education. As a result, we spend significant time and effort in discussing, researching, and designing around equity.  At a high level, equity in this context means ensuring that everyone...

Education Futures Podcast 17: Bringing Hope to Students with Jamie Maloney of Dream Academy

"One of the worst things I’ve ever seen is a 13-year-old [who is] hopeless. They’ve given up. And 99% of the time it’s because they didn’t get the support. They just get pushed aside or pushed along, and they get frustrated and drop out. At Dream Academy, we want to...

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