Student Success Articles


Scaffolding Student Success

According to Cengage’s Digital Learning Pulse survey, more than 70% of students say online courses have a place in their class schedules. Whether it’s because of the flexibility online courses provide, or just a personal preference, students recognize the value of...

How To Provide Flexible Summer School Options for Student Success

​In high school, fall term was about new beginnings and spring term was for closing the loop. Summer term was for not thinking about school unless you needed to make up a class. For the most part, college does away with those clear delineations. Students’ lives become...

Introducing TEL’s Student Coaches: An additional layer of support for TEL students

College-level work requires good time-management and organizational skills. If you’ve worked with students in high school and early college, you’re likely aware that many of them haven’t yet mastered these skills. Best Possible Path to Academic Success After...

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